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Armed Forces Mobility Co-ordinator

Quick Tip: Just been posted in and need to know a few things quickly? Why not download our Quick Guide to St Mary's page to help you get on track.

Have you heard of - its a terrific opportunity to read books together as a family coping with deployment or separation and scrapbook about them. You can register with them online and claim your free book. 


We have strong links with RAF Cosford and seek to better establish them with every forces family who chooses to come to St Mary's. We have an Armed Forces Mobility Co-ordinator, Mrs Kociak, who functions as a point of contact with Armed Forces families and the school Monday - Thursday from 8.00am - 4.30pm.

We have a dedicated team at St Mary's with adults available for children to talk to about anything that is troubling them, but Mrs Kociak provides nurture to your child to help them cope better when you are deployed or posted in/out. She has a lovely office space filled with pictures to colour in and some toys to help children relax and feel safe. She also has an open door policy and children are welcome without appointment as and when she is needed. If you need to make contact with her she is available at the following email address.

Mrs Kociak and Mr Mahy, our Year 5 teacher & Deputy Head, run a free club on Tuesdays in the Year 5 classroom over the lunch period. You need to eat your lunch and have a drink before you come please. We encourage our Armed Forces pupils to develop new friendships in our Spitfire Club and they can invite civilian class friends to join us. The only time we cancel the club is during wetplay or staff illness.

KS1 Spitfires 12.30 - 12.45pm & KS2 Spitfires 12.30 - 1.00pm

There has been some debate about whether Reception children should join us in the Spitfire Club. The general feeling is that it may be overwhelming to allow this in the first half of the school year with children learning so many rules at the beginning of "big" school. However, every Force's child is welcome and if you feel that your Reception child would benefit from coming to the Spitfire Club please encourage them to come along. 

We allocate some of the Pupil Premium to pay for resources for the club and have some really fun stuff to play with. The club accommodates play for all ages with board games, card games, lego play and lots of colouring in.  We try to encourage game play that includes others so children are making friends and interacting without realising it. We encourage our Spitfires to bring along a friend to experience the club too - this helps to develop solid school friendships away from the camp and gives the civilian children an opportunity to ask questions and experience the Club for themselves.

This is not a compulsory club and we don't enforce attendance because some children prefer to run around with their friends in the sunshine at lunchtime instead. It's great to see familiar faces and just as nice to welcome new ones but we think that if a child forgets to come because they are playing with their new friends outside then that is the best reason not to come!

Please let us know if you are due a deployment or a posting  

We appreciate that deployment information is sensitive so we don't need to know anything specific other than the period of time you will be deployed away for so we can provide extra support for your child and keep staff informed. Mrs Kociak likes to have a little meeting with the spouse being left behind to find out if there is anything specific she can do to help. This normally results in bespoke coping resources like chuff charts, behaviour charts, diaries etc being designed for the child - right down to their favourite colours and cartoon or computer characters.

If you give Mrs Kociak an details to contact you with she can scan any pictures your child creates for you and attach them to an e-bluey or email which you will receive in your deployment location. It can make a big difference to your child knowing they have multiple options to contact their deployed parent. It can also cheer you up too! 

Please bear in mind that this is a relatively new role and is always evolving. We would like to develop how we support children when they are posted away but without prior knowledge of the impending posting we are unable to put the sorts of things we would like to do into place, so please let Mrs Kociak know.

In particular, we have a short fact finding mission booklet for your child to fill in asking questions of their NEW school before they leave. The idea is that you fill it in at home, asking any questions about the new school and you hadn it back to us so we send it off to them. Your new tecaher fills in the answers and they send it back to us and we give it back to you.


We also have a little form that allows parents the chance to tell us what they thought of their time here.


Is there something you'd like us to do that we haven't mentioned? We are always open to ideas and requests because this role is designed to help and we are keen to tailor it to your needs and expectations.